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Already in childhood, Ida Mahin learnt classical Ballet and Flamenco from Berlin dancer Gerda Schulz and intensified her dance training afterwards at Ballet Academy Payer. At the age of 14 she took over her first roles at productions of Theatre Augsburg under direction of Erich Payer and Dimas Casinha.

It was in 2003 that Ida began to explore the immense spectrum of Oriental, Central Asian, African and Indian dances through various teachers such as:

Classical Oriental Dance:
Djamila Henni-Chebra (France/Egypt),
Morocco (USA), Angelika Nemeth (USA)
American Cabaret Bellydance:
Jillina (USA)
Egyptian Folklore:
Ehab Atia (Germany/Egypt),
Ayman Etla (Germany/Egypt)
Turkish dances:
Sabuha Shahnaz (Germany), Sema Yildiz (Turkey)
Persian dances:
Hossein Fayazpour (Iran)
Nassaer Diouf (Senegal)
Chandra Devi (Germany)
Tribal Style:
Bri Hurley (USA/Czech Republic),
Les Sœurs Tribales (Italy)
Tribal Fusion Bellydance:
Samantha Emanuel (UK), Patricia Zarnivocan
(Germany), Sharon Kihara (USA)
Tango Fusion:
Tjarda van Straten (Netherlands)
Urban Fusion Dance:
Anasma (France/USA), Violet Scrap (Italy)
Modern Dance:
Anina von Molnar (Germany/USA)
From 2005 to 2011 Ida acted as ensemble member and solo dancer in Sabuha Shahnaz’ show group Assaida. In 2009 she started teaching Oriental Dance, Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion at Sabuha’s school.

During her studies of cultural history, Ida gained insights both in historical as well as current cultural and political aspects of Arabic countries and dealt with contemporary art (focus dance). As cultural scientist it is of great importance to Ida to explore the development of different dance styles, their meaning, stylistic idiom and characteristics and to integrate this knowledge into her own way of dancing and teaching.

Her artistic focus lies in telling stories, awakening characters and expressing authentic emotions through dance. Solo and with her ensembles, she puts experimental dance fusions, cyber-medusas, Asian fighters or even singing foxes on national and international stages.

Ida was especially pleased that her dance at UNESCO Dance Congress 2010 in Istanbul was selected by the event organisators to represent the congress on Turkish television broadcast TRT. Furthermore she repeatedly acted as teacher at Gothla UK, “mother” of all gothic bellydance festivals. At the moment she can be seen in US DVD-production Visions – A Night of Dark & Theatrical Belly Dance.

In 2013 Ida Mahin founded her own dance school “tanz kunst werk” which is located in the historical centre of Augsburg.
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